Why Robert De Niro hate Peter Parker and team before demons stalking!

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Thomas Wayne (Brett Cullen) or not, he certainly believes that he is, and when he travels to the luxe family estate to confront young Bruce (Dante Pereira-Olson) from the wrong side of the fence, he’s peering into an exclusive kingdom he’s shut out of — one that’s placed in stark contrast to where he’s living, both in terms of its luxury and who resides there. Later, he breaks into the apartment belonging to Sophie (Zazie Beetz), the neighbor he’s been stalking, and, whether he understands it as such or not, it comes off as an assertion of just whose spaces he feels he can help himself to.

Other times, Joker floats the possibility that it’s primarily about a man with mental illness who’s fallen through the cracks, though it’s equally cagey about how earnest a depiction it’s supposed to be. “What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner with a society that abandons him and treats him like trash?” Arthur asks Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro), a joke formatted as a possible explanation for his actions and also a reflection of the way the film toggles between treating him as a product of circumstances beyond his control and as a self-pitying font of resentment. The movie is careful not to directly equate mental illness with violence — as Brian Tyree Henry’s file clerk character points out, the majority of the patients in Arkham aren’t there because they committed crimes. But it also has a queasy tendency to treat its main character’s mental-health issues as a red herring — the details are kept vague; we never learn his diagnosis, and the doctor at the clinic appears baffled by how many medications he’s on, ones he implies aren’t doing anything. If Arthur does consider himself a product of neglected mental illness, it’s not a perspective that gives him sympathy for his mother — hearing her own history with it doesn’t stop him from smothering her in retaliation for his childhood abuse.

As for Sophie, Arthur invents a whole relationship with his neighbor that’s revealed to only exist in his head. Though she’s justifiably frightened in the scene in which this fantasy is revealed to the audience, the movie ducks and weaves around implications that he feels entitled to her company — he just looks lost. Arthur lives with his mom and works at a place where his boss takes the cost of his mugging out of his paycheck. While their lives wouldn’t be described as comfortable, their economic situation doesn’t appear to be an enormous stressor, either, and according to Arthur, he loves his job and is “not political.” It’s the moment when Arthur, with the help of a sneering statement about the poor from his mayoral candidate of a maybe-dad, becomes an accidental inspiration for anti-capitalist riots that the ridiculousness of trying to divine his motivations becomes clear.


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