Why Peter Parker climbed Brokeback Mountain for Quantum Powers!

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One other thing worth mentioning about Gemini Man – I’m betting the audience scores for the film will be much more positive than the critical reviews, even lacking the impressive immersive experience of 4K at 120 FPS, Dolby Vision, and 3D. And I think a lot of those folks will enjoy Gemini Man as a simple action popcorn flick they don’t need to think too much about, with some nifty action and likable leads. The film will probably be seen by more people on home release than in theaters, and the fact it’s cheaper to rent for home release will mitigate some of the story flaws for people who just want escapism that doesn’t make them think too hard.

Gemini Man has story potential it never lives up to, and winds up a disappointment. But Ang Lee’s commitment to pushing the envelop with technology to create a new sort of cinematic experience deserves to be seen anyway. So, I recommend you ignore the negative things I’ve said about Gemini Man and see it anyway, as long as you can see it in a theater the way Lee intended – in 4K at 120 FPS, Dolby Vision, and 3D.

Directed by Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain) with an impressive cast that includes Will Smith and Clive Owen, the sci-fi action thriller Gemini Man should be better than the ossified bore it is. Instead, it substitutes the gimmicks technology-freaks might call “innovative” for anything that remotely resembles any element of plot, character development, or entertainment value.

The idea is nothing to write home about in the first place. With an alarming absence of his customary charm, Smith barely seems alive as a 51-year-old retired assassin named Henry Brogan whose ex-boss (a wasted Owen) decides, for reasons that are systematically unclear, to dispatch a 23-year-old Will Smith clone (also played by the star, with a computer-generated, age-resistant face) to track down and kill the older version of himself. The younger hit man knows his victim’s every move before he makes it, an embarrassing inconvenience that is bad for business.

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