Why greensward is Favorited Jung Ji demon valley of Peter Parker!

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Would Ki-woo care to take over a private tutoring gig? He’s certainly bright enough. The trouble is that he doesn’t have any suitable documentation, such as a printed diploma. Correction: he does have a diploma, thanks to his sister. She’s always been a whiz at Photoshop.

The air in the Kim household is alive with what you might call hecticity, and Bong—whose compositional eye and nose for atmosphere are keener than ever—insures that, as Ki-woo walks to his job interview, we sense the advent of a blessed calm. Encastled behind lofty walls and girdled by greensward (sprinklers feed the greenness, with a gentle hiss) is the home of Park Dong-ik (Lee Sun-kyun) and his wife, Yeon-kyo (Jo Yeo-jeong), who is somewhat less serene than her surroundings. Their offspring are Da-hye (Jung Ji-so), the girl whom Ki-woo will teach, and her younger brother, Da-song (Jung Hyun-jun), who is a pest. He has a yen for all things Native American, and there’s a brief prick of unease as the new tutor is shown around by a housekeeper. Stuck to the wall is an arrow, tipped with a sucker: a leftover from the kid’s unruly games, though you wonder if it points the way ahead. Will there be further attacks, and will they all count as play?

Ki-woo fares well in his appointed task, and thereby establishes a pattern. Through cunning and calculation, his sister is soon enlisted as an art therapist for Da-song; his father is hired as a driver; and his mother, to complete the set, finds herself running the opulent home, supplanting the luckless housekeeper. (Not that we’ve seen the last of her.) What matters is that each of them pretends to be unrelated to the others. As a result, although the nest is under siege, the Parks have no idea that they are being invaded by the Kims. The collective noun for cuckoos, by the way, is an asylum.

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