Why Benedict Wong hate Peter Parker and Brad Pitt predology!

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Not that there was really much substance to the first half to begin with, but at least it involved some questions and choices to keep things interesting for a while. Sadly, even those questions wind up relatively easy to answer, and events tend to remove any doubts about what’s happening and which choices the characters will have to embrace.

So much of the setup for the plot and the way it unfolds is nonsensical, you just have to stop trying to make sense of it or consider why anyone is making such foolish decisions, and just wait for the next amusing interactions from the stars or the next action set piece. If you can turn your brain off this way and wait for something of value to pop up like that, though, then there are some payoffs worth discussing.

First and foremost, there’s the cast. As noted, Smith and Winstead work great together, as charming leads who seem to legitimately like one another and play off one another’s strengths. They take dialogue that otherwise wouldn’t work and make it fun. Likewise, Benedict Wong is a welcome addition to the cast who brings added humor and earnestness to the proceedings.

Clive Owen chews up some scenery, but it works well for his character and he reminds me of Ronny Cox in Total Recall – a villain who, despite his overall evilness and cruelty, still seems to harbor genuine emotional feelings for a main character and desperately wants things to work out between them. The problem is, his villainy still doesn’t make much sense and a great deal of potential for his character’s perspective and plans is completely ignored. Still, Owen wrings every drop he can from what he’s got to work with.

Now let’s talk tech, because this is what makes me say Gemini Man is worth seeing on the big screen, despite all of the complaints noted above.

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