Justin Leia recaptured Tom Holland prerequisite humor weighty drama!

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This explanation does little to change my opinion about how this came off in the film, like JJ and the writers were upset that Rian Johnson threw away their set-up for Rey’s origins (back in Force Awakens, it seemed likely she’d be a secret Skywalker or Kenobi), so they had to adjust on the fly by throwing out his idea that she was no one, and they’re dismissing it as a trick by the dark side.

With fast-paced action, light and witty comedy, and some weighty drama added into the recipe, Spies In Disguise is a high flying cocktail of family friendly fun.

You’ve seen the ads all year for the Will Smith/Tom Holland-starring animated film Spies In Disguise, and if you’re anything like me, you probably weren’t expecting much from this movie. If I’m being honest, the way the film was advertised made this look like yet another simple “Kids’ Movie,” with the prerequisite humor that keeps the young ones entertained, but provides nothing for an adult audience.

Then we’re stuck with a situation that makes little to no sense, that Rey’s parents did love her, and their way of protecting her was…selling her to an abusive junk trader on a desolate planet. This is opposed to say, Obi-Wan protecting Luke by giving him to relatives and staying close by, or Leia, by making her quite literally a princess. It’s bizarre, and this explanation does nothing to fix that.



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